Who are we?

LIGIER GROUP was formed in 2008 from the fusion of two light and heavy quadricycle European market leading players, Automobiles LIGIER et MICROCAR, with a market share of 39% and 8,803 new vehicles in 2011.
LIGIER GROUP is in 2016 the leading group of the European market.

LIGIER GROUP  is four autonomous brands, an independence of two production sites located in France, at Vichy in the Allier and Boufféré in Vendée; human and industrial synergies.

Ligier Professional is the new brand for utility vehicles. It capitalizes on sports and technology experience of Ligier and expertise of Microcar to design and manufacture good quality, innovative, functional utility vehicles and accessible to all.
It is one brand,Three models PULSE 4, PULSE 3 or Flex and many versions for an appropriate and professional service-specific use.
Since 2010, Ligier Professional is one of two manufacturers selected, after a Europe-wide tender, by the French Post Office for the delivery of urban electric quadricycles (Quadeos), the Be Sun L1.

Ligier - Freedom to moveAutomobiles Ligier was to capitalise on a 20 years sporting experience to develop innovative vehicles manufactured using advanced construction techniques, which are today recognised as the new market standards.


MicrocarNo. 1 for safety, since 30 years, Microcar is the forerunner in developments for the safety of users. Made at the heart of the innovation process, Microcar is the only manufacturer which generalizes its patented technologies, such as airbag at steering wheel.

DuéDué, offers a range of cars without ecological, functional and economic license. It has all the know-how and industrial group synergies to provide a safe and quality product.