Professional Ligier utility vehicles have been designed to offer the best in terms of active and passive safety (validation by 3 approved crash tests).

With an oversize aluminum beam chassis and a remote cabin, ergonomic seats with integrated head rests and seat belts tested conforming to automotive standards, you get maximum protection in case of impact. (General Design of the vehicle to reduce the impact to the driver during collision including the establishment of absorbent materials and elimination of risks associated with different electrical components).
With its four independent wheels and its hydraulic rear dissociated suspensions, comfort and road holding are optimals whatever road profile it is.
Thus Pulse 4 or Flex offer the vehicle you expect, safe and comfortable.

The Pulse 4  and Flex utility vehicles are manufactured day after day at the 19,000 m2 production site of Automobiles Ligier located on the outskirts of Vichy in the Auvergne.

  • 15 million euros in investments between 2003 and 2007: implementation of new robotised assembly lines, building extensions...
  • 11 million euros in investments between 2008 and 2010: specialised assembly lines for Ligier Ixo model.
  • 2 million euros in investments in 2011: specialised assembly lines for utility vehicles, upgrading of buildings.


Today Automobiles Ligier is:

  • 3 latest generation numerically controlled thermoforming production lines (thermoforming technology with CAD/CAM designed aluminium moulds)
  • 8 robotised numerical trimming stations (CAM) for the thermoformed parts
  • 7 welding robots
  • 2 robotised bonding/metal fitting line consisting of 12 robots
  • 1 automated assembly line
  • 1 electronic test bench

From the style and design office engineers who conduct their research on CAD software such as Catia V5 and SolidWorks, through the modellers in charge of prototyping in our modeling studio, to the operators who ensure the smooth operation of the robotised lines, a whole army of specialists constantly checks upon a technologically high added value manufacturing process, thus ensuring a reliability in use.

By keeping in constant touch with user expectations, Ligier Professional has a reactivity and sense of innovation worthy of the most well-renowned automobile manufacturers.

Ligier Professional includes a cutting edge industrial technology.
Bonding/metal fitting line allows assembly of the body on the chassis of high quality and offers the user a reliable and a quality of unequalled manufacturing.


The thermoforming chains model the body parts into ABS colour-moulded.

The high-performance welding robots assemble the single-piece chassis in aluminium.

ABS is a material which has the particularity to offer both flexibility and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its shape memory, it is very resistant to minor impacts.

Machining and cutting of the body parts are performed on robotic platforms with greater precision to ensure a perfect assembly finesse.Machining and cutting of the body parts are performed on robotic platforms with greater precision to ensure a perfect assembly finesse.