Transport and

Transport and logistics

My FLex is my
transport companion

In urban centers, my Flex takes my load to the destination.

Handy, compact and for multi-purpose, the Flex L3 is the perfect companion for transport of goods as well as equipment. With so many options, it meets all my needs.

Transport and logistics

A multi-purpose
utility vehicle

Robust and handy, Flex and Pulse 4 are combination of agility and stability.

With its safe and sturdy look, Flex L3 and Pulse 4 allow you to enjoy a large loading space for a minimum of congestion. Available in diesel and electric version, they are very easy to use and provide excellent road holding.

+++ Transport and logistics

Our utility vehicles for the
transport and logistics


Mindful of the transport and logistics constraints, Flex and Pulse 4 carrying out a very good work

Between the parking problems and traffic, making deliveries in the city center is always complicated with a conventional vehicle.

Ecological, handy and compact, the Ligier Professional utility vehicles sneaking around to help you save time and without noise for local residents.

With many options (trunk, flatbed, bucket ...) the utility vehicles Pulse 4 offer functional, economical and ecological solutions. Flex is also functional with many options : available in diesel version, it can be driven without license.

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