Local government
and communities

Local government and communities

Flex L3, my partner to
remove the leaves

With my Flex L3, I can move around the city

Handy, compact and versatile, the Flex L3 is my ideal working partner for travelling both in the parks and on the streets. With so many options, it fits all my missions.

Local government and communities

A reliable
utility vehicle

Reliable, ergonomic and flexible, Flex meets all the needs of the communities

With his flatbed with body side boards and his compact look, the L3 Flex allows you to enjoy a large loading space for a minimum of congestion. Available in diesel version it is very easy to use and provides excellent road holding.

+++ Local government and communities

Our vehicle range for the local
government and communities

Multi-purpose utility vehicles to adapt to all situations: green spaces, road maintenance, garbage collection...

Green spaces

For the maintenance of parks and gardens, cemeteries, stadiums, Ligier Professional has developed a range of innovative utilities (flatbed with body side boards, sprinkler, tool holders ...) and customized to meet your needs. Particularly quiet, our electric utility vehicles, Pulse 4 is driven with ease without disturbing traffic. Flex can be driven by most of employees as it can be driven without driving-license.


Designed for proximity works, the utility vehicles Pulse 4 or Flex are specifically adapted for the maintenance and cleanliness of public spaces. With its many accessories (fixed or tippering flatbed of a floor space of 2.3 m2, dumpster, thermal vehicle or 100% electric), you can get your custom-made vehicle

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