My Pulse 4 is

With my Pulse 4 , I move silently and properly

Handy, compact and for multi-purpose, the Pulse 4 is my ideal partner to travel in camp-sites and in the leisure parks. With so many options, it adapts to all situations.


A flexible
utility vehicle

Reliable, stable and flexible, Pulse 4 meets all the needs of users.

With so many options, Pulse 4 will allow you to create your custom-made vehicle to meet your daily needs. In electric version, it is very easy to use and environmentally friendly.


Our vehicles for
leisure parks

In leisure sites such as amusement parks, zoos, or holiday villages, electric Ligier Professional utility vehicles Pulse 4  or Flex are ideal for travelling and working without disturbing the public.

Quiet, ecological and compact, our utilities will meet all your requirements to ensure maintenance of your park in accordance with its occupants.

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