Large sites and

Large sites and industries

With my Flex, I am
comfortable in all

With my Flex I sneak everywhere!

Handy, durable and adaptable, Flex allows me to navigate seamlessly in warehouses and construction sites to quickly transport large loads. We became inseparable.

Large sites and industries

The advantage
of Flex: its

Handy, spacious and multi-purpose, the must of industrial utility vehicle.

In pick-up mode, with a flatbed or a trunk, the Flex is perfectly suited to an industrial environment. With its extended format, you can enjoy a large load to make frequent short trips. Available in diesel version, it is very easy to use and offers great stability.

Large sites and industries

Our vehicle range
for the industry

In congested industrial environments, the mini Ligier Professional utility vehicles, Pulse 4 or Flex, provide excellent manoeuvrability to make frequent short trips. This wide range of electrical or thermal mini utility vehicles fits all trades.

The mini Ligier Professional utility vehicles ensure quiet mobility and ergonomic use. They also offer many features (van, flatbed with body side boards ...) for very diverse uses.

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